A not really geeky request and 2 helpful applications

Starting a  geek tool centric post with a request:
[please, noone take this personal, so many do it:]

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD put your name in the file name of your bio. Seriously.
Don’t send anyone a file named “bio.doc” or “newbio.docx”

With only going to level 1 of this: “Zimmer-bio-2012.rtf”

I use dashes or hyphens cause in the olden days files couldn’t handle spaces, and it’s still better for the inter web.

Same for applications:: “MFA application final.doc” is fine for me as the applicant – but do you want to be the person sorting through 100 of those? Trying to match them with the appropriate “My resumeNEW.doc”?

The next step is putting the date in the file or agreeing on file name protocols with collaborators – all Antigone Dead People files should include “ADP” in the fine name. This means if I need to search for something on my computer that is for the show, I just spotlight: “ADP” and I can (ideally) see everything related, no matter where on my computer it is. I still really like nested folders as a way to file things, but that doesn’t mean I want to dig through and try to remember where I put it.

File naming is an act of compassion for others and your future self.

2 little geeky applications:

Text Expander

I don’t use this to maximum capacity by any measure,
but as someone who likes shows and companies with long names (see: Small Wooden Shoe Reads Difficult Plays and Sings Simple Songs) and spends a lot of time writing about them – Text Expander is a blessing.

Very basically – you set up shortcuts and TE expands them so:
“ssws” = Small Wooden Shoe
“swsorg” = http://www.smallwoodenshoe.org
“hhome” = my home address
“swsrpd” = Small Wooden Shoe Reads Difficult Plays and Sings Simple Songs

when writing a play, this can get helpful for character names:
“G$” = Galileo

It can also do email signatures and things that change – so
“ddate” = todays date : 12-09-04
“wddate” = todays date “wide” : September 4, 2012

It cost money, but I think is worth it.


Alfred uses the butler metaphor well and is basically a way to launch applications and files (and do much much more if you want to.)
Computers are much better at certain things than I am, including remembering where files are and opening them. I’m trying to find ways to let them do those things so I can do the other things (like writing blog posts, grant applications, production schedules and sometimes directing theatre.)

Let me know if this stuff interests you or if there’s anything specific and geeky you’d like to know about. All this stuff can get really fiddly – but also is helpful.

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