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After a “podluck” at the Academy of the Impossible on Thursday, I am inspired to share my podcast list – partly because I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and sometimes people ask and so other people might be interested – and partly because I would like to know if there are any obvious missing ones for those that know me, or can make some assumptions from the below list.Leaves tips in the comments…


  • National Theatre (UK) [RSSwebsite
    • Good interviews with people working at the National.
  • 2amt Podcast [RSSwebsite
    • Occasional posts from USA hashtag turned theatre movement.
  • OAC podcast [RSS] website
    • Some primers on grants
  • The Traverse Theatre [RSS] website
    • Occasional posts from the Traverse.
  • Anne Bogart and SITI Company[RSSwebsite
    • Very occasional posts from SITI.

Culture and ideas

  • This American Life – NPR  [RSS] website
    • Classic.
  • Radiolab – NPR [RSS] website
    • Science show that is very very well edited.
  • Spark – CBC [RSSwebsite
    • Nora Young hosts one of the best CBC shows. About society and technology.
  • Writers and Company – CBC [RSS] website
    • Eleanor Wachtel is one of my favourite interviewers
  • The Thing Is – NPR [RSS] website
    • Alec Baldwin talks to interesting people.
  • Planet Money – NPR [RSS] website
    • This American Life spin off on money. Not revolutionary, but clear.
  • On the Media – NPR [RSS] website
    • USA media gets talked about by USA media.
  • 99% Invisible [RSSwebsite
    • Design and the world.
  • Front Row – BBC [RSS] website
    • Culture reporting from the BBC
  • Arts and Culture from Nightwaves – BBC [RSS] website
    • Interviews with people about things they do.
  • In Our Time – BBC [RSS] website
    • Smart British people talk history
  • Decode DC [RSS] website
    • Good politics. Not very frequently.
  • Ideas – CBC [RSS] website
    • Not as good as it was. Especially now that David Cayley retired.
  • Roderick on the Line [RSS] website
    • Merlin Mann and John Roderick weekly phone call. Might not help, but sometimes does and I like hearing friends talk.
  • Savage Love [RSS] website
    • Dan Savage talks about sex and relationships
  • Studio 360 – NPR [RSS] website
    • Interviews with artists and other people.
  • Tapestry – CBC [RSS] website
    • Religion and spirituality.
  • Thinking Allowed – BBC[RSS] website
    • British people talk about academic things.
  • You Look Nice Today [RSS] website
    • More Merlin Mann and friends. More comedy focused.


  • The World Exists [RSS] website
    • Roundtable storytelling. Funny and friends talking.
  • Old Time Radio Drama [RSS] website
    • What it says.
  • Old Time Radio Comedy [RSS] website
    • What it says.
  • All Songs Considered – NPR [RSS] website
    • Good music. I mostly listen to their year end, and that way, I’m only a year behind.
  • The Truth[RSS] website
    • Podcast radio drama or “movies for your ears”

Deep geekery in tech and work flows (I feel shy about sharing the depth of these. But I find this “how to work field interesting and have been a Mac geek for a while [previous geek posts])

  • Back to Work – 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin talk, nominally sometime and sometimes more focused-like, about issues of working. Mostly for tech world, but I like.
  • MacPower Users – 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • Mac geekery. Workflow episodes are my favourite.
  • Systematic – 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • Brett Terpstra – crazy coder for the text people – talks to other people.
  • Crossover – 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • 5by5 hosts talk.
  • Let’s Make Mistakes [RSSwebsite
    • Nominally about design.
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – Stanford [RSSwebsite
    • Fancy people talk about things. Sometimes good. Always a little troubling and telling
  • The Talk Show [RSSwebsite
    • John Gruber of Daring Fireball talks Apple and other gear/software stuff.
  • Work Talk Show [RSSwebsite
    • A new one. More on “how to work”

Oh and of course

  • Minor Expletives – my regularly irregular podcast [RSS] [iTunes]

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