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As part of MIT’s free online course on Creative Learning that I’m taking, they assigned us to learn something and teach something to the online community. After taking a helpful Project Management 101, I decided to give a Freemind talk on Story Structures in a way that could be useful for people across a broad spectrum of backgrounds.

It’s a little scary to post it here – at the intersection of my geek, educational and theatre practice. Those are all related, but not quite the same, or they might be different audiences, and so it feels like a risk to share between. Since, however, I’m interested in iterative development that means doing things in public. And getting feedback and other people’s thoughts

I had some screen capture issues so this is a slightly wonky recording. It starts about 8 minutes in as I try to give some context on the importance of thinking about many kinds of story structures. Also, there are typos and misspellings.


Freemind file (required Freemind – free/Java)
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Google DOC

Mentioned Links:
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Public Recordings

In talk:
Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee
Ira Glass on Storytelling
Choreographers Handbook

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