Pictures of Jacob with fire and few clothes: The Past of the Spectacle

I’ve talked to a few people who are surprised I’m making a outdoor summer show.

Maybe they’re used to me and Small Wooden Shoe looking like this:

Photo by: Dimitrios Touloumis

or this:

46 FP Feb Monarch

In a tie – with a microphone or two stuffed in my face.

And that’s pretty accurate for what I’ve been up to this century.

Last century however:


JZ Purple

led to this:

JZ Stilts

which led to:

Soltice JZ profile

and later, at Burning Man, in a Navada desert, to this:

JZ Crouch Red

and this:


I don’t have pictures from working with Public Dreams building lanterns, lighting fireworks or being inside a puppet rig for Parade of the Lost Souls. This was before we carried around a phone, let alone a phone with a camera.

I wandered away from this kind of work for all sorts of complicated reasons – personal and artistic. But there is no doubt that the years spent in the public spectacle world has been a huge part of my outlook on life and was incredibly transformative for a shy kid who couldn’t imagine running around a desert in a dance belt.

A few years ago, I started to get a hankering to return to outdoor spectacle work.

Soltice Lineup

I missed the connection with the audience, I missed the potential of people just stopping and watching, I missed the liberation and pleasure that comes with performing and rehearsing outside.

But I also wanted to include the values intimacy and big ideas that I love in performance.

I believe these things are complimentary, not exclusive.

And The Summer Spectacular is the first time we’re going to prove it.

JZ Flag

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