Planning for things to change

We’re faced with looking out to a future that, more than ever, is unknown.
And it will be layers of unknown.
What comes next won’t stay forever.
(that’s always been true and always will be but maybe we tend to forget.)

I don’t know. We don’t know
And yet also, how do we contribute?
We have many “annual” things – how do we plan for them?

Hold tightly to what?
release on what?

What are the values?

Don’t whine about not gathering right now,
Conspire on a future that includes gathering and touching. [1]

How will we,
we, who believe in the touch
and the present body
and the potential for exchange
and transformation
how will we, locally
and in networks,
Contribute to that return:
that it be different than before
more mindful more kind more flexible

How do we practice with playfulness
And rigour in new sandboxes,
While contributing our wisdom to the stone soup.
[3 metaphor sentence!]

And as always, when I say “we”, I mean “I”
and most moments I don’t know.

And that is terrifying.

But my art includes practices for that terror.

For not knowing and moving anyways.

Choices not decisions.
Flow. Attention.
Yes and…

And when I can return to those practices

I find a thread that brings me into the tangle.

  1. Because humans.  ↩

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