Types of teams

I’m interested in
between a kids team (participation)
and a pro team (wins of ranked games)

This is an old question of ProAm.

How does a group come together
who already have skills and experiences
who wish to get better
who wish to add meaning to their lives
who wish to add meaning to the lives of others
who have different backgrounds, preferences and abilities
who can make a commitment to each other?

Without the owners, capital and business of sports (or mainstream entertainment).

I spend a lot of time consuming and thinking about the NFL.
Because the game got me at 9 with the 1985 Bears.

There are things to learn from that level of sport / industry. They have near limitless budgets and the best of the best athletes in highly specialized activities. The way they train and heal are deeply considered. As is how to think about inspiration and solidarity under pressure, when money is not a major factor. Now, for them it’s not a factor because they all (the starters at least) are making a lot of money.

But I don’t have near limitless budgets nor the best of best specialists (that’s Hollywood.)

And I don’t want those things. [1]

I want a group of weirdos who have chops, care and have played the game, but also still know how to be human and playful.

I also didn’t make it past the kid team version of football. Asthma and a non-confrontational nature, plus a knee injury, made sure my passion for the game didn’t translate onto the field.

  1. Of course I’d love bigger budgets to work with, but I am also very aware of the trade-offs as one moves into those scales.  ↩

Slide: "We're a team, not a family. We're like a pro sports team, not a kid's recreational team." https://www.slideshare.net/brentspilkin/the-netflix-culture-document-a-template-for-culture-in-your-company

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