3 non-linear phases

Sparking, collecting, sharing.

– In the “shock” of the new perspective, we come to understand our old world view to be sorely lacking. We rush to headlines and lists that promise to confirm and maybe fill in some of the intellectual and historical gaps. Because those gaps seem so common amongst “our” friends we share a lot. Ideally to help others in the way we were helped – but sometimes in order to show that we’re the good ones. The second is deeply unhelpful.
– This phase can be hard on IBPOC and even allies who have been in the middle of this struggle for their whole lives / decades. As folks who managed to stay ignorant discover what they’ve been avoiding, there’s a bunch of “OMG Racism!/OMG Colonialism” from white folks. And if, in me – a white dude – the reaction to this newness is anger and disbelief and sadness, I can can’t imagine the feelings IBPOC folks.

Reflection / understanding

– After the fevered sharing, we get down to the actual reflection and digestion. This is slow quiet work, far away from the applause and attention of social media.
– This work never stops, only changes. So it is necessary to hold space for this while also moving on to action.

Action / solidarity

– Solidarity looks different at different times. It is not about erasing differences and “all being the same”


Thinking a lot about our nervous system. About the 2 parts – fight or flight and rest and digest.

And about how, mostly, our culture is one of fight or flight – so much so, that it is phrased as “natural” and all the “content makers” know that it’s the key to attention, binge-ability and super addictive games.

There’s not much money in rest and digest, and what money there is is from working with the upper 10% of the economic pyramid who can afford the time, space and money for their Feldenkrist classes.

The rise in social justice framed somatic practices is one of the bright sports of light that I see to move towards. As is justice based climate work.