Ethics and intent – map

Thinking about making a show that involves historical people, especially recently passed ones, means there are some things to think about and articulate. Part 1 of that for The Summer Spectacular is sharing this map. also – a movie about Aaron Swartz is at Hot Docs – I’m looking forward to seeing it.

2012 Open letter…

As we prepare to sing songs from 3penny together, an event that warms my heart every year, I want to share an open letter to the collaborators and supporters of Small Wooden Shoe.It is bolder in tone and more forthright than my Cape Breton upbringing usually feels comfortable with – but it is all also honest and true.  […]

A big list of things I did in 2012

January Dancemakers development for The Adpatation Project Antigone Dead People planning and plotting. Upper Toronto planning and plotting. February JZ travels to the PuSh Festival to pitch Antigone Dead People and see some shows. Upper Toronto at Parkdale Arts and Recreation Centre. JZ attends EMERGENCE: A Symposium on Community Arts Practice Boys who say no […]

2012 Big list of thanks

Along with choir singing (ours, where we sing 3penny Opera, is on Sunday the 30th – click here)It’s the time of year for lists, including lists of people – so I thought I’d make one of the people I’ve been blessed to collaborate with at Small Wooden Shoe this year. More or less in chronological […]

Stand up for Justice

A song for your long weekend listening, from me and Sedition, or “Kindness Makes Me Cry Like Nothing Else”:the JB McLachlan Story Click through and play on the site. From the Summerworks page (look for the face) “This story I tell you is true, my friend / This story of a miner, a man they […]

Recreational Theatre

I’ve been thinking a lot about recreational contemporary theatre, and am about to start a pilot program. I’m leading a workshop / rehearsal process for people who have little or no experience with acting and little or no desire to become professional actors. We will be working on Brecht’s Saint Joan of the Stockyards over […]

PHY: More kind words from the past

6 years ago when we first made Perhaps in a Hundred Years we certainly weren’t getting reviewed, so we asked some friends and friends of friends to write about the show. Which they kindly did. This one is from Darren O’Donnell – director of Mammalian Diving Reflex. There are two kinds of performance: the kind that sucks […]

Small Wooden Shoe – Where does the name come from?

This requires some back story. Right after university I founded a “collective” called sabotage group with a bunch of friends who did things other than theatre: a film-maker, a few writers, a geography PhD candidate, a few musicians (many of these people over lapped these descriptors.) “Collective” requires the quotes because really, it was a […]

2010 – Thinking about

Year in review and upcoming singing the accumulated list of semi-funny semi-deadly serious movement and/or book titles: Conversational Formalism Romantic Contemporary Presentational Naturalism Casual Formalism Big Dreams, Small Houses: The Small Wooden Shoe Story The General Assembly of Populist Political Avant Garde Entertainment. (GAPPAGE) We refuse to define our terms. Who’s in? some people Patti […]

2012 Year end – Conjuring Aspirations

Jacob Zimmer for Small Wooden Shoe It’s been 10ish years of Small Wooden Shoe. 10 yearsOf fast, cheap and rough political agit-prop (Delayed Knee Jerk Reactions Series), of hard-boiled live-to-air radio (The Mysterious Death of WB), of Chekhov adaptations (The Orchard), multi-media solo shows (No Secrets) and durational task based performances (Mostly Just Doing the Saturday […]

Dedicated to the Revolutions – What I was thinking

EYE MAGAZINE – Christopher Hoile DUBIOUS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS THE “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” AWARD Small Wooden Shoe’s Dedicated to the Revolutions, in which theatre artists attempted, badly, to explain scientific concepts they did not, or could not be bothered to, understand. What’s next: Hairdressers Teach Shakespeare I would like to answer the question, “What were […]

New mandate / company description

In post Dedicated mode (thanks everyone who came) we’ve been writing some material, including re-jigging the way we talk about the company. I would love to hear thoughts on it:SMALL WOODEN SHOE sabotage , noun, French, from sabot – … 3b : deliberate subversion sabot – French, noun – a small wooden shoe. Artistic Director: […]